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GUK Manufacturing produces the world’s best performing products in preventing and controlling corrosion - ACW Coatings. The unique technology and materials GUK Manufacturing employs in the formulation and production
of ACW Coatings provides industry with cost effective high performance coatings suitable for a variety
of applications. ACW Coatings outperforms other corrosion prevention systems in a variety of areas
resulting in significantly reduced costs:


Application and removal - quick and simple ensuring labour time and
costs are minimalised.

Corrosion Arrest - Whilst we advise surfaces are corrosion free prior to
application ACW Coatings will arrest any corrosion present at the time of
application enabling further savings in labour time and money.

ACW Coatings is a single component protection system requiring
minimal application training and no specialised equipment.

Self Healing Technology - Maintenance costs are very low compared to
other systems, ACW Coatings benefits from self healing technology against
small sharp penetrating impacts with certain grades able to withstand more
generalised impacts and abrasion ensuring premature failure is virtually
eradicated. If a coating is compromised repair is a quick, inexpensive
and simple process.


ACW Coatings doesn’t blister or crack
Unlike paints, resins, lead based & zinc primers etc. ACW Coatings will
not crack or blister in any climate or environment due to the waxy
composition of the range. Every grade is weather, salt and fresh
water resistant and can be chemically tailored to individual climates.

High Adhesion, Low Erosion
ACW Coatings has excellent adhesion properties and each grade
will function within its expected parameters which in some cases will
be up to 50 years.

Multifunctional Coatings
ACW Coatings is suitable for all metal surfaces in a variety of industries
and environments; however they are also suitable for protecting and
applying to wood, painted surfaces, rubber and other various materials.