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Application & Operation

ACW Coatings is very simple to use in every respect, so much so this single page whilst not a
comprehensive user guide is enough to adequately instruct a complete novice.



Surface preparation
There is no need to prepare surfaces prior to application other than to remove any oil
contamination. This can be achieved with steam cleaning equipment. Any existing rust should
ideally be repaired but this is not essential as ACW Coatings will arrest any existing rust until
such time that it can be repaired.


ACW Coatings can be applied over dust, dirt, water and thin soil deposits if required; however
best results are obtained if the majority is cleaned off first. Very often ideal conditions do not
exist on site so ACW Coatings is excellent in real world situations with inexperienced staff.



Compared to the brushed versions the sprayed formulations will have higher viscosity and as
such will require twice as much product to treat the same surface area; application time
however is dramatically reduced. For very large surface areas we would recommend spray
application at low pressure circa 1 to 2 bar or whatever is appropriate for the equipment in use
at the time.

Basic application Process:
1. Choose Grade and formulation to be used
2. Spray or brush on first coat and leave for a few hours to harden
3. Apply second coat if required
4. Additional coats can be applied as desired



As long as the correct grade is used and the coating requirements are met then maintenance
of the ACW Coating will not be necessary. If unforeseen circumstances arise outside of the
chosen grade’s parameters resulting in a compromised coating maintenance will be required.
The area in need of repair can simply be brushed over and filled in with the relevant grade.


If the compromised coating is too badly damaged for the self healing process to take place and
the width of the damage is less than two centimetres a heatgun can be used to heal the coating.
Heatguns can also be used to achieve smooth uniform coating surfaces if appearance is important.



ACW Coatings can be removed with either white spirit or for large items of equipment/surface
areas steam cleaning can be used for removal. For complex structures with overhangs, crevices
etc then steam cleaning will be quicker and more effective. Smaller items can be fully submersed
in white spirit.




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